Rifts Adventures

Adventures in Gang Rape Alley

16 October, 101 PA, Kingsdale

Meet the Chopstick Gang

15 October, 101 PA, Kingsdale

Bison, having seen both sides of the Coaliton, felt a need to improve and change the world. But to do that you need money. So he did what any military trained sensible Ley Line Walker would do, he formed a mercenary company. Granted they don’t call themselves mercenaries, and Bison and the others only accept the jobs they are comfortable in taking.

Adventure Begins!
A new mercenary group is formed.

15 October, 101 PA, Kingsdale

A group of mercenary adventurers has been formed. The leader of the group is man named Bison.

The cast of characters:

Bison: 1st level Leyline Walker

Bison is an ex-coalition military officer who after joining the military, began to show an aptitude for magic. He never fully developed his powers, and by remaining a relatively low level officer who accepted assignments out on the frontier, he managed to avoid any serious suspicions. After his years of service, he retired to Kingsdale and began to develop his magical powers (although Coalition records show his place of retirement as Whykin).

Doreathea: 1st level Mystic

Doreathea is a mystic and traveler of the wilderness areas, somewhat stern in demeanor.

Hunk: 1st level Partial Conversion Cyborg

Hunk was a militaristic mercenary who suffered from a tragic explosion during a covert operation. An unknown benefactor provided the funds and the expertise to save his life as a partial conversion cyborg.

Morgan: 1st level Thunder Dragon Hatchling

Morgan, like many dragon hatchlings is an enigma. He was found by Bison during one of the leyline walker’s foray’s into the wilderness. Morgan took a liking to Bison and has accompanied him ever since. Until recently Bison thought Morgan to be a normal, if slightly odd, human being.


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