Tables and Rules

Rate of Attacks

Characters and NPCs will use the old attacks per round based on the original Rifts Main Book (RMB). There are some inconsistencies on what the original intent of the rules were, and since most of the setting books used by this campaign are based on the old way (to include NPC stats) we will continue to use the following:

  • All humans automatically start out with one attack per melee. (This is the ‘base’ number of attacks.) Individuals without any combat training will gain one additional action at levels three and nine (RIFTS, pg. 28).
  • Learning any of the hand-to-hand combat skills of Basic, Expert, or Martial Arts provides a first level character with one additional attack per melee (so, under the Hand to Hand combat skills section, when the book says, “two attacks per melee,” at level one, it honestly means just that! A human character starts out with a total of TWO attacks per melee! [A base of one, plus one for the HTH skill itself, which equals two]). The hand-to-hand combat skill Assassin does not provide an additional attack at level one, but instead gives two additional attacks at level two.
  • If selected, the Boxing skill also provides the character with one more attack per melee.
  • Special occupational training may give the character extra attacks per melee.

Robot and Power Armor Attacks

  • Specialized Robot Combat and Power Armor training may add additional attacks while wearing the armor or piloting the vehicle

Weapon Proficiency and Rate of Fire

To Hit

Aimed: +3*
Burst: +1
Wild: +/-6 if np
At level 4,7,10,13,15 +1
*revolver +4

Bursts and Rate of Fire

Short 20% 1 round x 2 1 attack
Long 50% 1 round x 3 1 attack
Entire 100% 1 round x 7 2 attacks
Wild (1)
Long 50% 1 round x 2 2 attacks 20% innocent
Spray (wild) (1d4)
Long 50% 1 round 2 attacks 50% innocent

Spell Casting

RUE = spells cost actions now
Level 1 – 5 takes one action
Level 6 – 10 takes two actions
Level 11 – 15 takes three actions

Tables and Rules

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