Rifts Adventures

Meet the Chopstick Gang

15 October, 101 PA, Kingsdale

Bison, having seen both sides of the Coaliton, felt a need to improve and change the world. But to do that you need money. So he did what any military trained sensible Ley Line Walker would do, he formed a mercenary company. Granted they don’t call themselves mercenaries, and Bison and the others only accept the jobs they are comfortable in taking.

Bison and Morgan waited for the other applicants to the company to join them in the sports bar of the Ritz Duck Inn, the largest hotel in Kingsdale and the second largest building. After Doreathea and Hunk came to the table, the group discussed their goals, with Bison explaining that he had selected each of them for their particular skill set.

As time went on it was explained that he was planning on entertaining employment from a businessman named Professor Toblerone. The Professor met the group at their table, accompanied by two large body guards, while two more guards waited outside next to an MDC armored limousine.

Professor Toblerone discussed the basics of the business arrangement with the group. He explained that he had a reputation for getting things done, and he also had a reputation for taking care of anyone he employed. Toblerone invited everyone back to his business facility to discuss details.

After providing a limo for the party, Professor Toblerone rode on ahead. As the party traveled northward through the city, they encounter a group of Coalition supportors waving signs in favor of Kingsdale joining the Coalition States. Bison told the limo driver to stop the car and proceeded to chat with the group, subtly steering the conversation while outwardly supporting the Coalition. He left the group with its leaders doubting the righteousness of their cause. “One step at a time” Bison exclaimed.

The limo eventually reached the industrial compex owned by Professor Toblerone, and a lalrge gate opend, allowing them access. After pulling into a warehouse, the floor dropped below them and an elevator took them down several floors. Obviously there was more to the complex than they had suspected.

Once in the complex, Toblerone was like a kid in a candy shop and took them on a tour. He was especially pleased to show them the Virtual Reality (VR) room. He dmeonstrated its capabilities by setting up a VR firing range and letting everyone play with various types of guns. (This was used to teach the players the Rifts combat system in an rp fashion)

Then they discussed business. Professor Toblerone claimed that he was a merchant and had the best interests of Kingsdale at heart. Sadly, he knew of a despicable body chop shop operation that was being run down in Dregtown. Everyone agreed that chopping off bionic and cybernetic body parts for sale was the lowest of the low and should be stopped. It was agreed that the party would investigate.

Back at the Ritz Duck Inn, the group waited for a rep from Professor Toblerone to meet them. Eventually Squirrel Johnson showed up and asked what they needed. The group asked her to gather computer info from wherever she could get it to provide them with any leads they could follow in investigating the aptly named “CyberChop Gang” Although continuously interrupted by Hunk trying to figure out why she was named “Squirrel” Johnson told the group she would have the information for them by lunchish tomorrow.

16 October, 101 PA, Kingsdale

Squirrel Johnson met the party and told the the following information:
It appeared that the CyberChop gang was one of three motorcycle/hovercycle gangs running the muscle for a lot of the crime in Kingsdale. However, they normally don’t stoop to body part snatching, regardless of their name. This was a relatively new development. Many of their victims disappeared at night from the vicinity of the Parsifal Market area, just east of Dregtown. Some victims survived with little memories of what happened, others were callously slain while harvesting parts.

The group decided they would travel to Parsifal Market that evening and investigate the area.



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